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Cuzzo Stocke Dance Studio
Duluth, MN
One of Duluth Minnesota's longest running dance studios for quality dancing lessons and dance classes for all ages.  'On top of the hill!'
Cuzzo Stocke Dance Studio provides dancing lessons and classes for Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical dance techniques and instruction



"If you are looking for a place where all dancers are encouraged to do their best while having fun & learning about dance, this is it!  I love everything about the studio - approach, costumes, music."  Michele Keil

"I finally found a dance studio where I don't need to worry about the music my daughter is hearing, and the costumes are nice & modest.  The teachers are great and make learning dance fun."  Traci Hastings

"I appreciate that this studio allows children to be children, without forcing them to wear a ton of makeup, and dance to inappropriate songs that focus on sex, body image, relationships, etc."  Heather Allen

"My daughter has taken with the MN Ballet for 1 and a half years before coming to this studio. We came because tap was offered in addition to ballet.  What we did not expect is how much our daughter has learned in the last year - amazing! She is poised, a performer, & loves dance even more.  The expectations in terms of performances & costumes is just right.  We are blessed to be here!  I do like the traditional emphasis on classical ballet so I hope that is a thread as she moves on."   Kelly Erickson

"Thank you for taking the time to work with each dancer and for picking very age appropriate music and costumes.  That's why we chose Cuzzo/Stocke! Girls grow up so fast in our society, especially in the dance world. Thanks for letting little girls be little girls!"

"I am impressed with the entire program.  The teacher (Kelly) is patient with the girls and the dances are challenging without being so difficult they get frustrated.  My daughter is already looking forward to next year!"   Melanie Mesojedec

“Kelly is wonderful and goes out of her way to help Katie & Rebecca get up to speed when they started late (in October).  I was impressed that she took them an extra half an hour on her own time.  Katie catches on quickly and would have been bored in a very basic lower level.  Thanks again!  It has been a real confidence booster for her.”   Lisa Arend

“I will continue especially when the conversation turns to other dance studios competitions.  I prefer my child to enjoy what she does in a fun to learn environment, totally free from competition.  Thank you ever so much for your gifts of patience, kindness, and love of children!”  Kathy Silverness

“I really like how I was handled on the phone and that we could have a week day class in order to leave weekends free.”   Lauren Weckman

“It's nice that you allow the students so much input in the selection of the costumes.  I like the intimacy of the recital and that you don't have to sell tickets for it.”  Susan Pierce

“The Christian Dance Ministry (Motion Choir) is awesome, very expressive, and encouraging.”  Canzata Mord


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