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Motion Choir and the Ministry

In 1984, the Motion Choir was started after Marcia Cuzzo attended a dance workshop and had the opportunity to see worship to God expressed through dance.  The movements demonstrated at the workshop were to “The Lord’s Prayer”.  After returning home from her experience, this was the first number she choreographed to express her deep faith.

The desire and goal of this ministry is to reach out and touch not only the churched, but also those on the fringe of the church and the unchurched; the desire to move the great news of the Gospel from the intellect – or head, into the heart and, ultimately, to do this in a non-threatening way.  As stated in the book Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary (Lee Strobel, copyleft 1993), music and visuals are two of the most effective ways to reach people today.


The beauty of seeing the Good News expressed through the movement of worshipful and symbolic dance is powerful, and the reactions to it are exciting!  It is not at all uncommon to see tears of joy and other emotions on the faces of the audience as the combination of music and motion, so beautifully enacted by the group, reach deep down into the hearts of many.    


About the Group


The Senior Motion Choir consists of young women ranging in age from 14 – 18.  In 1992, the Junior Motion Choir was started for ages 9 - 13.  In 2003, an Adult Motion Choir was started for ages 18 and older.


The backgrounds of the group are varied; there are Lutherans, Baptists, Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists, Assemblies of God, Covenant, non-denominational, and even “seekers” in the group.  The ministry is what brings them together as one.


This ministry touches the hearts of the performers and their families, as well as those they dance for.  Frequently they will participate in a program by reading scripture passages, giving heartwarming testimonies, and interacting with their audience.


Programs Available


Each program is designed for the specific group the Motion Choir is performing for.  In the church, they have conducted the entire worship service or portions thereof, taught dance movements to the children, and performed at numerous church-related activities and special events, including a beach ministry.  They have also worked with troubled teens “checking out” the church.


The Motion Choir has also performed at various secular events.    This is enjoyable for the girls as they get to do other forms of dance such as ballet, jazz, and tap.  They then “catch the audience by surprise” and swing into a group of spiritual numbers.  This has always been well received.


Occasionally the director and group are asked to teach the entire audience specific movements to music; this experience is especially effective in bringing the reality of the message they are sending to life!


Some of the songs we have danced to include:
Amen, In Heaven’s Eyes, The Lord’s Prayer, Just at the Right Time, That Kind of Love, The Solid Rock, There is None Like You, Shine Thru Me, Holy Ground, As the Deer, Awesome God, The Potter’s Hand, Testify to Love, I Can Only Imagine, What Faith Can Do, In Christ Alone, You Are, and Because He Lives.


In addition to dancing at numerous churches, they have been seen at the Run for Christ, Cotton Fiddle Contest, Duluth Air Show, Proctor Hoghead Parade, Hermantown Summerfest, and the Miller Hill Mall, to name a few.  The Motion Choir was also a part of the “2004 Dance in the Park“, a series of gospel concerts at 5 Duluth Parks. 


Donations Accepted


There is not a fee to have the Motion Choir perform.  This is not a source of income for the group, but a genuine desire to express worship and touch the hearts of their audience.


Donations are accepted, however, if you wish to help further their work.  This can come in the form of a free will offering or donation of your choice.


All money goes to the Motion Choir mission fund.  This is used to cover expenses incurred on their mission trips.


Your financial support is very much appreciated, but not required.  Please do not refrain from inviting the group to your event due to lack of funds.

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